Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Still more STOP 0x00000024

I still can't track this down. My PC was up and running (and idle) for about 9 days, then suddenly it got the same STOP 0x00000024 error. I have Avast! as my antivirus, and Live FolderShare running all day, to sync files between work and home. And I played BioShock for several days in a row, no issues, exiting the game and saving correctly.

So I had to reinstall Windows on the IDE hard drive again, boot from that installation, which forces a chkdsk on the SATA drive, and then change the boot.ini file to boot on the SATA drive again.

chkdsk showed errors on a the files and folders I'm syncing with FolderShare, so that may be the culprit... Had to restore a bunch of them from backup.

I'm thinking it's a hard drive error, but the SeaTools suite keep telling me everything's good.

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