Monday, December 15, 2008

XBox 360, WMP 11 & Streaming

So finally bit the bullet and got a 360. Just took me a few years to "jump in". What a wonderful piece of hardware! (Ignoring the three red rings of death issues). Getting used to hi-def console is hard, now I can see I might need a new prescription on my eyeglasses.

The new dashboard is nice, feels a lot more like the Wii channels but more 'professional'.

I can also now stream Netflix movies (using Netflix's own 360 downloaded app), PC audio, PC movies and my PC photos.

Which application I did that with?

The first thing I tried was Windows Media Player 11 from my laptop, which has Vista. (Why not the desktop? See a future post about networking woes). It just detected the 360 and the 360 detected the laptop, had to enter a code from the 360 and that's that, I could see/stream the files from the laptop to the 360.

However, I don't want the poor laptop's 160 GB drive being killed from streaming. Nor do I want the wireless connection's speed. I wanted the wired network to my desktop, where the big guns are.

So I tried WMP 11 on my desktop, but it just began to go nuts on my media files. Started changing attributes on my folder.jpg files, adding those AlbumArt*.jpg, and all sorts of crap.

I tried turning the options for WMP to now mess with my library but it just blissfully ignored me. So Google to the rescue!

I went with TVersity instead. Works like a charm! Doesn't mess up my files, streams with no visible CPU hit and monitors folders pretty nicely.

So now, I can get the kid's MP3 played on the 360, so she won't try to put her music CDs inside my home theater and/or dvd player and get them more scratched :)

Yet another reason to justify buying a 360. Hopefully the wife will buy it.

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