Saturday, July 23, 2011

Droid X Freezing

So I started getting weird/random glitches on my Droid X, where the phone would just freeze. I could press the top button & turn off the screen, but when pressing it again or the home key to unlock, sometimes the bottom row of physical buttons would light up a bit and then turn off, or it would just not do that and keep the screen off.

Unfortunately I was out of the country so I had no internet or data access (I suspected it had to do with setting it in airplane mode for the first time), so I tried removing the SD card and voila! It stopped freezing.

But I could take no pictures, or read my kindle books offline (or play all the games in my sd card!) :(

Coming back I looked into this online and did the following:
1) Backup SD card to PC (worked!)
2) Format SD card from PC (worked!)
3) Copied some folders from backup to SD, put the card back into the phone, turn on and wait for hang...

So did 3) until I only missed the Music folder with all my MP3, and currently the phone works ok! I now have to go through all the files in the Music folder (about 6 gb) and check for weird issues...

So definitely a case of either a corrupt filesys or corrupt file (or an MP3 file with bad tags?).

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