Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Don't eliminate the programmer...

I came across this very interesting post by Scot Westfall (SlickEdit's blog) "Eliminating the Programmer":

Here are some great points:
  • "[...]programmers have skills and abilities other than just their knowledge of programming languages."
  • "[...]Regardless, I’ve noticed that programmers are often more capable in many ways than their non-programming coworkers."
  • "Programmers think more logically. Working through if-then-else conditions is a core capability for any programmer. While working with business teams on requirements, I have often run across cases the where same ability was lacking."
  • "Programmers have a superior ability to analyze problems and come up with solutions. They excel at analyzing preconditions, sequences of events, and outcomes. Certainly, this is a key skill in programming, but it is also useful in troubleshooting and business case analysis."
  • "Another key ability where programmers typically have an edge is the ability to make order out of chaos. I think that’s because the programmer is responsible for creating order within the program."
  • "[...]their main talent lies in their ability to analyze, troubleshoot, and solve problems. Code is just the physical manifestation that culminates the thought process of the programmer."
Excellent insight into what being a programmer is all about.

Of course,
  • "it’s clear that this is not a universal trait in all programmers"
Read it in full, and enjoy!

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