Monday, October 21, 2013

Upgraded my Galaxy Nexus...

Got an LG G2. Really nice phone!

+ Super fast & snappy, compared to achingly old Galaxy Nexus
+ Nice screen size, 5.2 but doesn't feel huge like a Galaxy Note
+ Battery lasts ~ 2 days, using Navigation+GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth, browsing, couple of games (my Galaxy Nexus dies after ~4 hours after using Nav+GPS with the extended battery).
+- Knock-knock feature works ~70% of the time
- Non-replaceable battery... Wonder when will it start giving out?
- 1920x1080, but seems that the software menu buttons kill off some, Epic Citadel said it was rendering at 1800x1080! Might also be affecting perf, as it averaged 37fps, it shoudl've been very close to 60 fps
- Not a lot of cases available :(
- Verizon changed the back buttons, so cases won't be compatible between AT&T/Verizon models
- Only black on Verizon

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